Blag – 042

(I’m talking about this one, by the way).

I know some of you (well, you, M.) like to count the words on Thursdays. And yeah, I know. There isn’t exactly 100 words. In fact, I don’t think there are 10 words.

But you know what? That’s what was right for this series.

I’m sure my mom has figured this out already but allow me to explain.

For the group exhibition I took part in last year I made a number of art books. One of them was a self-portrait of sorts. It was a series of portraits of the goddess archetypes and I wrote a little story about each of them, as I experience them in myself. The archetypes are Athena (who incidentally also explain why I love writing drabbles so much); Artemis; Demeter; Persephone; Hera and Aphrodite (her story will be posted on Thursday as she sort of concludes everything).

And of course, Hestia.

If you’ve ever read about Greek mythology, you probably recognise the others. But Hestia? What’s she about? What does she do? What is her role in the myths?

Uhm… she’s not about anything. She doesn’t do anything. Her role in the myths entails being Zeus’s sister but that’s about it, there aren’t any stories about her. She was very important though. She was invited to the center of every town. Without her, a house isn’t a home. She is completely content to stay at home and potter about and set things straight and polish the floors and arrange fresh flowers. And she doesn’t need to be described in 100 words. Trying is a disservice to her.

And so, I didn’t.

(Btw – if you do count the words and found that there are 101 or 99 or some such thing, please feel free to email me, I’ll really appreciate it. Spelling and grammar mistakes too. English are my secondest languege, after all).

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