So it’s been more than a week and I only got round to unpacking my bag this morning. It’s good to be home again, but as Franz Ferdinand so eloquently puts it: “It’s always better on holiday.”

Our trip took us to many places and we met a lot of people. The impression of Italy and the Italians I am left with is this:
Never have I met friendlier, more helpful people. They are warm and joyful and never mind if we don’t speak Italian and they don’t speak English: we’ll have long conversations over cups of coffee (which is so strong, you don’t really drink it as much as chew it.)

Italy is a beautiful country and we took over 1300 pictures. I won’t make you look through all of them (I haven’t even, yet, so why should you?) This is a short summary of the places we have been:

1. Venice


Despite a hitch with the accommodation, our day in Venice was incredible. The place really is this beautiful.

2. Florence



3. Pisa


“What do you want me to do?”
“Just hold your hands straight!”

4. Siena


If I could do it over I would spend more time in this enchanting town.

5. Agnone


There are no busses to Agnone on Easter Sunday.

Luckily there are kind strangers to give helpless tourists a lift.

And yes, Agnone is more beautiful than the pictures of it we saw on the Internet. But if anyone from Agnone asks, we went to visit the Bell Museum.

6. Pompeii


More like Sodom and Gommora. Lots of fun.

7. Naples


What a mob! The pizza was nice, though.

8. Palermo


Easily the best wedding I’ve ever attended.

9. Rome


My Roman Holiday! Perfect.

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