Back in 2012 I attended an Art Awareness and Enrichment Course presented by Gillian Taylor at Studio Collective. It changed my approach to artmaking in a very profound way.


This year I had the opportunity to attend the course again, and I have to admit that I held back. I don’t know if it was the group dynamics (a mix of well-established artists and total beginners, with a range of in-betweeners, most of us left-brain dominant) or if I was just guarding against extreme emotions because I’m sure it affects my gestating baby.


But I wasn’t as whole-heartedly into the course this time round. But I’m still glad I attended: the act of putting pencil to paper, even if the results are not great, is time well spent.

I think the difference this time, as well, is that I did not have time to do any homework. Last time round I was doing R-mode drawings daily, this time round I felt lucky if I got to bed before 11:30 pm at night. We’ve been busy, you guys! Between the final meditation classes, parenting classes, hanging out with friends, work …


I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m not committing to a project now. And I wanted to show you what I made.


Compare the above with the next drawing, which I made back in 2012 during the first course:


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