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It’s because of the bottles and tetrapacks fruit juice comes in. If you squeeze your…

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Patrick could not believe his own eyes: the swimming girl was stark naked. Her intrusion…

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… that a fish is symbolic for sexual happiness, fecundity, faithfulness, a gathering of Christians…

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(She who Dances) Butterflies gather by the babbling brook. Budding flowers wait with patience, awakened…

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She’s talking about thislist from here.

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So maybe you’ve landed on this website from some Search Engine or another. You wanted…

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The process to recycle glass is more efficient than the plastic recycling process.

April 29, 2010 / / STORIES

(She of the City)

I count the words: too many. I trim the passage.
I count the words: too few. I elaborate on a point.
The end result is a perfect description of a facet in a perfect number of words: one hundred.

It is a good number, not so many that the task becomes tedious, not so few that the description becomes abstract.
The number, one hundred brings to mind not only perfection, but a sense of equality. Each aspect is awarded a description and no description is longer than the next. Because although some actions may be unethical, we are all equal.