I’ve been looking at the images on the web for Art Prize – an annual art festival held in Michigan.

[If you want to browse yourself, start here:]

The prizes are awarded according to votes cast by the public, which makes it, in essence, completely different from¬†New Signatures¬†where fancy-pants artists and curators choose the winners. This is important when looking, the voting public will have different criteria when choosing their winner – I suspect “beautiful” and “technical excellence” will weigh in more than the “contemporary commentary” and “pushing boundaries ito media, technique, content” that is looked for by fancy-pants artists.

Okay, that being said, what do we see at the Art Prize?

Viewer Participation!
Worksin Progress!

I started to watch the videos on the winner’s page, but found them boring – but just interesting enough to run a google which led me to the artist’s website
See, I had been hoping for some more detailed images of her work when I watched the videos…

Adonna Khare Elephant

Is the tree drawn onto the wall?

And what about the birds? Are they drawn directly onto the wall?

Adonna Khare Elephant

The fact that the pictures are blurry are frustrating – the work is so detailed, so fine, so elaborate. Why can’t I see it properly?! Oh, to be there to see it in the flesh.

Adonna Khare Elephant

Do I think this work is the winner of them all?

How can you possibly expect me to answer that? I didn’t see them all!
In all seriousness though, a work this ambitious, this beautifully drawn, this layered with meaning, deserves recognition.

I love how some elements are playful.

Adonna Khare Elephant

I love how I’m reminded of the Blackheart Gang
Adonna Khare Elephant

And of course, it’s not just about elephants. Given my absolute obsession with frogs these days, this tiny detail won me over.

Adonna Khare Elephant

The Art Prize page indicates that this work has some ‘viewer participation’ element but I don’t see it. It looks like a huge drawing on a wall. They also say that this is a “work in progress” but I don’t see it. It looks like a huge drawing on a wall.

[There are more pictures up on the artist’s website]
[BTW that’s where I got the ones shown here…]

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