Apparently, the last art taboo is for women to make art about motherhood (it turns out that male artists don’t become Dads, so this is a female-only issue). This video deals with the topic, and how contemporary artists are approaching the subject of motherhood:

I want to look at two of the artists mentioned in the video.

Maggy Rozycki Hiltner

Sweet, candy-like, 50’s housewife images

maggy rozycki hiltner bears

Maggy Rozycki Hiltner

Playing With Bears


machine and hand-stitched cotton found textiles

13 x 12”

that turn out to be really sinister on closer inspection. Kids can be cruel, and motherhood isn’t just giving out hugs and kisses.
Check out more of Ms Hiltner’s work here.

Mary Kelly

Ms Kelly makes beautiful, messy scientific documents which remind me of South African artist Willem Boshoff‘s work in the use of text. The work is very much process-oriented. Who knew you could create historical documents from the lint in your washing machine?

Mary Kelly Mimus

Mary Kelly
Mimus: Act II
Compressed Lint
83.5 x 61 x 2 inches

View the rest of the Mimus installation, plus a detailed explanation, here.

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